Throughout history, Man has marvelled at the vast complexity of the ever
expanding universe. Without a single unified voice, humanity has been left searching the unknown. The drive for knowledge is what sets us aside from other species and the sheer will to succeed has always been the subject of debate in Human condition.
In our quest for the sweet promise of tomorrow, we seem to have invented numerous new ways in which to destroy ourselves but among the many problems facing humanity, Global Warming and Overpopulation appear to be the most vital questions to answer at present, and due to this factor we strive to find hope in the colonization of the red planet.
As we approach the last decade of the twenty first century, Humanity now enters the most crucial phase of its existence and the coming decade shall witness the most unprecedented and undreamt of changes in the course of its long evolution. There is nothing much we can do about it, other than to understand and flow with the changes occurring around us or face the inevitable feat of extinction of our species.


Mars has always stimulated alot of debate on the subject of interplanetary
colonization as it bares striking similarities to that of Earth, and attempts in colonizing the planet have proven extremely successful in the past thirty five years.
First established in early 2059, the Federal Colony of Mars has grown to become one of the richest and most sophistacated mining colonies known to man. Governed primarily by Earth Intelligence (EI), an international megacorporation back on Earth, the colony receives considerable amounts of funding due to mass interplanetary tourism ventures and lucrative business contracts.
The Chief Administrator on the Mars colony is a man named Vilos Cohaagen, a corporate stooge with a nasty temper and insatiable greed. Ruling an airtight city via his monopoly of air production, Cohaagen aims to take complete control over Mars and its inhabitants in the coming years by enforcing strict laws using ruthless policing methods.


But powerful as he may be, Cohaagen's deepest concern is a group of early settlers who refuse to be swept under the corporate rug and have been rebelling against his establishment for many years, demanding the release of their imprisoned comrades who fought for victims that lost their lives during the colony's construction.
Looking back to the year 2020, unemployment was rapidly on the increase, primary sectors such as construction and mining industries virtually crashed while international trade plunged to an all time low. The public were on edge and when news that EI were recruiting workers for the Mars colonial expansion project, applications came flooding in by the thousands.
Excited about the new life that awaited them on the Mars colony, workers and their families developed a sense of trust towards EI after guarentees of a decent annual income and personal healthcare. But the reality was much more bleak. Focusing more on the construction of the colony, EI stood by and watched their loyal workers suffer due to badly engineered domes which did not shield against the cosmic rays that pierced through the thin martian atmosphere. This lenghy exposure transformed the workers and their offspring into mutants while the colony's new administrator, Vilos Cohaagen, kept their money.
Many of the earliest settlers that suffered the worst were disposed of throughout the martian wasteland and banished as outcasts forever. A bitter uprising ensued and the rebels have been fighting for justice ever since.
For a number of months now Cohaagen's right hand man, Richter, has been trying to locate and capture the mutant, Vahreem Kuato, after rumours have spread throughout the colony that he himself was the leader of the rebellion and was linked to several bombings of axils five and six of Cohaagen's Turbinium mining facility. But locating Kuato is proving to be a difficult task as his psychic abilities have enabled him to evade detection from Richter's troops on numerous occasions.


Back home on Earth, reports from ICS News Broadcasting have revealed that EI are planning to expand the colonisation process of Mars after CEO Russell Pride of Interstellar Airlines claimed that the number of Interstellar passengers this year has doubled since last years figures and tourism ventures are predicted to literally skyrocket in the coming months.
But the recent events on Mars have sparked controversy back on Earth over Cohaagen's abrupt closing of all access rights to the colony's most breath taking tourism site and rumours are beginning to spread throughout the social districts about alien sightings and lost civilisations underneath the Mars surface.
After lengthly conversations between EI and Mars Federal Colony, Cohaagen remains tight lipped and has revealed nothing as to why he has shut down all tourist displays concerned with the Pyramid Mines. This is a cause for alarm and EI deligates have been in discussions about how to deal with the current situation. A secret divison of EI known as Interplan has been called in to solve the problem as something on Mars obviously has Cohaagen spooked.
Accessing Interplan's elite covert operation specialists, Douglas Quaid appears to be the only man qualified enough for the job. A man of solid expression, Quaid has served Interplan countless times and holds a perfect record in capturing information under difficult circumstances. After a well informed briefing, Quaid has been entrusted with a very delicate mission and must now travel to the Mars Federal Colony to infiltrate Cohaagens administration in hopes of uncovering the mystery behind the sudden shutdown of Mars' greatest wonder...

- Mod Overview

The Mod will comprise of two game types to choose from, Recall 2087 and The Running Man. Recall 2087 is set in the not so distant future, 2087 to be exact, where global warming and overpopulation have forced mankind into colonising the red planet of Mars. In this mode you take on the role of Douglas Quaid, a secret agent sent on a mission to Mars Federal Colony to uncover the truth about Vilos Cohaagen's involvement with the Pyramid Mines. Quaid must embark on an action packed journey through this brand new singleplayer campaign using a vast array of Arnie's legondary weapon systems. The Running Man on the other hand is aimed towards fans of the original Doom 3 singleplayer campaign. This means that all voice and cinematic sounds will be modified to give the player a comical experience of what it feels like to be within the insane mind of the worlds greatest action star.

  - Gameplay

Witness firsthand Quaid's interactions in the Recall world with a comical player narrative of his current situations and regular movie style cinematic sequences to immerse the player even further into the storyline. Following Recall 2087, the player will encounter a truely unique approach to FPS gaming with a range of original and exciting objectives. May it be from fighting along side Kuato and the Rebel cause in hopes of supressing the Colonial Federal Guard to withstanding the paralysing mind games of psychological puzzle master, Dr. Edgemar. As you progress through each level you will piece together the events of what is happening on the Mars colony through a plot based environment and NPC interactions.

  - Custom Level Design

As to what the Recall 2087 world will involve, each level is being designed with care and aims to please the player's eye but will also provide an original gaming experience to play by. An entire level is being designed for Quaid's exploration of the vast martian landscape in which the player will discover various parts of the colony's history. As Quaid is on a secret mission, some levels will require the player to use their surroundings to progress further into the game while other levels will be more action packed with Run & Gun style gaming.

- The Bad Guys

The Federal Colony of Mars wouldn't be the success it is today without the hard work of Cohaagen's men of action. A good defence is vital when dealing with issues of protest and rebellion so in order to keep his establishment in good working order, Cohaagen has hired a team of highly trained mercenaries to keep him out of harms way. In Recall 2087 the majority of enemies that Quaid will encounter are in human form and each come with their own unique weapons and abilities. There are approximately thirty bad guys and each one belongs to their own character class. There are seven different classes and these include the Colonial Federal Guard, Terraformers, Mutants, Stalkers, Professionals, Cybernetic Organisms and Aliens. The following are examples of what kind of bad guys Quaid will encounter in the mod.


- Federal Guard

Intermediate enemy who are the eyes and ears for Cohaagen on the colony of Mars. Responbible for establishing a strong sense of security in the early days and have remained extremely loyal to the Cohaagen enterprise. But the lack of information regarding the recent events in the Pyramid Mines and with upset of working hours, these men have now become more inclined to use unnecessary physical force.


- AeroTech

Rank one of the Terraform Research Devision. A well respected division as these men were the foundation layers for the Federal Colony in the early days. Responsible for the production of Mars' first power houses situated in the Marineras Rift which feeds the Federal Colony it's main power supply. Using a jetpack booster and custom welding torch, AeroTech provides highly efficient repairs and refueling to EI's Interstellar spaceliners.


- Mac-2 Minigunner

After the assassination of his best friend Blain Cooper in the Komakan jungle of Central America, Mac-2 swore an oath of vengeance to track down and kill the alien. On searching the galaxy, rumours came to Mac-2's ears of alien hunting arenas in the Pyramid Mines on the planet Mars. Blinded by rage and determination, Mac set forth with his modified M-134 Minigun to make sure that nothing on Mars was going to live.


- Yagak Mei

Translated into English as Brave One, Yagak Mei belongs to a race of intergalactic tribal hunters from the far reaches of space. Little is known about the species and attempts in trying to decipher the fossilized markings within the Pyramid Mines have the Terraform Research Division mumbling nervously about some sort of alien hunting arena which takes place once every thousand years.

- Weapons & Items

Now we have come to an exciting part of the features section. Where would an Arnie mod be without superior fire-power I hear you ask? In Recall 2087 all weapons from the original D3 game have been reworked and will all now come with alternate fire. This should make things more interesting when coming up against multiple targets at a time. There will be approximately 20 weapons to choose from including the classic Minigun, Grenade Launcher and Uzi 9mm. There are also a number of newly made weapons and items to compliment the 2087 universe and one of these include...


- Virogun (Maw Launcher)

After the discovery of the first Maw worm by the Terraform Research Division, additional funding was pumped into biological research to further study organic life on the Mars surface. ViroTech scientists confirmed that cellular activity in the early stages of development aided in countering a number of Earth's health bound viruses. But eventually the specimen grows into a spider like creature that appears to be highly aggressive and toxic to the human touch. The Virogun was orignally designed for safe transportation of live specimens to the Terraform Research Headquarters.

- Audio & Music

As for audio and music, Recall 2087 is coming with it's very own original soundtrack and you can also expect a completely new audio envirnoment.

- Screenshots -

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